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New York Toy Fair – New Toys |

NY Toy Fair Hot Toys for Christmas 2012 ListsThe New Must-Have Hot Kid’s Toys for Christmas 2012!

Here are the Hot Toys picks from the 2012 New York Toy Fair, complete with pictures, descriptions, and direct shopping links, these must-have kid’s toys predictions for Christmas 2012 will give you a head-start on your shopping season – and save you money too!

From toddler toys and stuffed animals, to board games and techno toys, every year parents and shoppers try to find the latest hot new toys for their kids. The Christmas 2012 shopping season will be no different, and the direct shopping links provided here will take you straight to the best prices and in-stock availability from the most trusted online retailers.

Top Toy Trends for 2012…

#1. iPad Tablet and iPhone SmartPhone Apps Interactive Toys

iPad Tablet and iPhone SmartPhone Apps Interactive Toys
The #1 trend for new toys at NYTF 2012 was toys and games that use apps, (small software programs), to allow the toys and games to be interactive with tablets and smartphones like the iPad or iPhone, (or any other tablet or smartphone brand).

In 2011 a Nielsen survey showed that the top 3 most-wanted gifts for kids were an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone, and toy and game makers were paying attention. NYTF 2012 saw the launch of a smorgasbord of apps interactive toys and games that tied their play actions to a smart device like the iPad or iPhone.

Everything from board games like Life or Monopoly to Disney Cars 2 and Matchbox cars now either need one to work, or incorporate one into their action. And it isn’t just the well-known brand name toy makers. There were many new companies hitting the marketplace with apps-interactive offerings, like the like the new ibuku pets “huggable learning,” toy that works as a charging dock for old iPhones. Christmas 2012 will be the year of toy and game apps.

Many of the new apps toys and games for 2012 won’t be released until late Summer or early Fall, but here are a few top “Apps-toy” picks available now.

A note about the “New ebay” and the Christmas 2012 shopping season.

Reviewer’s Top Picks and Predictions

Razor Flash Rider 360

Razor Flash Rider 360 Toys

• Razor Flash Rider
Hailing back to the “Big Wheel” 3-wheelers of the 1970′s, and improving on last year’s top-pick Rip Rider, the Razor Flash Rider 360 was quickly spotted as a potential hot top-pick for the Christmas 2012 toy list. With its sturdy steel frame, even the adult buyers at NYTF 2012 were hopping on for test spins.

Propelled by the big pedal-powered front wheel, and getting its 360-spinning and sliding drift capabilities from its two inclined rear castor wheels, this new Razor entry for the 2012 toy season is sure to be at the top of a lot of kid’s Christmas wish-lists. Especially when they see the special-effects sparks they can make with the Flash Rider’s spark bar. A simple tug on the bar and those turns and drifts turn into cascades of flying spark action.

*available now

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Nerf FireVision Balls and Toys

Nerf FireVision Balls and Toys Review
• Nerf FireVision Balls and Toys Review
The Nerf brand always seems to have a new innovation to present at the annual Toy Fair, usually more than one, and 2012 was no exception.

One of their new offers this year is the FireVision Sports set of footballs, basketballs, and hyper-tension balls. When combined with the Firevision Frames, (eye-wear),and the darkness of night, the reflective inserts and skins of the sports balls come alive with color. Spinning and bouncing streaks of light allow players to see the action like never before.

*available August 2012

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Glow Crazy Glow Glove and Glow Toys

Glow Crazy Glow Glove
• Glow Crazy Glow Glove and Glow Toys Review
Parents may already be familiar with Glow Crazy’s line of light drawing toys – because kid’s loved them in 2011, but their new offering for 2012, the Glow Glove, takes light drawing to a whole new level, and kids are going to eat them up.

Glow Crazy’s new Glow Glove puts amazing technology, and fun, at kid’s finger tips. Literally. Just slip on their Glow Glove, flick the “on” switch, and beams of light shoot from the finger tips. Watch them draw light patterns on any surface, and when combined with the included “cling glow canvases” their light drawings will stay visible. (for a period of time)

*available now

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Zing Air Hunterz Toys

Zing Crossbow Air Hunterz Toys
• Zing Air Hunterz Toys Toys Review
The ZX Cross Bow by Zing Toys stands tall when matched against other toy weapons! Water guns, Nerf launchers, and the like all pale in comparison to an Air Hunterz crossbow. A top pick for hot new toys for boys.

The ZX Cross Bow is a cross bow with power swing technology, amazing accuracy, and 3 stick anywhere ZartZ arrows, it’s nothing short of amazing when this bow hits its target dead on from over 45 feet away! 3 ZARTZ arrows featuring suction cup properties that auto release after 30 seconds are included.

*available now

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Roll and Play Toddler Game

Roll and Play Toddler Game Toys

• Roll and Play Toddler Game
Roll and Play is designed to be a toddler’s “first game” that teaches color association and was quickly tagged as a potential hot top-pick for the Christmas 2012 toy list at NYTF 2012.The combination of adult interaction and color vs. body action make this an excellent first toddler game choice.

Roll and Play is the first game designed specifically for toddlers. Simply toss the big plush cube and identify which colored side faces up. Choose a matching color card and perform the simple activity shown, such as “Make a happy face” or “Moo like a cow”. Designed for parent and child to play together, Roll and Play strengthens bonds, builds confidence and provides endless learning opportunities, including colors, numbers and language skills. Roll and Play gently introduces play patterns and rules through a loving, joyful experience.

*available now

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Hasbro Super Flying Grover

Hasbro Super Flying Grover
• Hasbro Super Flying Grover Toys Review
Motion-activated Flying Super Grover 2.0 character comes to life when kids pick him up and “fly” him around the room. His arms will rise as if he’s flying and he will let children know whether he’s “Going up” or “Going down!”

Complete with soaring sounds and silly phrases, little ones are sure to fall in love with this furry superhero.

Flying Super Grover is so cute that he will sure to be at the top of kid’s Christmas 2012 wish lists.

*available Fall 2012 (projected price $29.99)

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LEGO Lord of the Rings Sets and Toys

LEGO Lord of the Rings Set
• LEGO Lord of the Rings Sets and Toys Review
Finally, the most requested and sought after series ever – Lord of the Rings, by LEGO, is scheduled for release Summer 2012!

Every year LEGO is at the top of the Hot New Toys for Boys Christmas lists, and 2012 will see the release of a complete series of Lord of the Rings LEGO sets and minifigs.

*available Summer 2012 (some minifigs available now)

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